OT: NVDA Remote 2.4 Failing

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Sep 10, 2021, 2:44:54 AMSep 10
to entomb...@googlegroups.com

we have a curious situation here, maybe someone using the add-on has
experienced this issue and may be able to help.

A friend of mine is using Windows 10 64 Bit on a Dell laptop.

We haven't updated this machine to NVDA 2021.1 yet, but got an update
notification for NVDA Remote 2.4.

Whenever I try to remote into that machine using nVDA 2021.1 and the
latest add-on, I can log on OK so long as the PC itself is unlocked and
the screen is on.

But whenever the screen turns off, thus provoking a logon with pin or
fingerprint, I am unable to choose anything on that machine.

Using TeamTalk, we can hear that the connection is established, which is
indicated by a beep, but that's about it.

Any key press is just not sent to the target machine.

Reverting to NVDA Remote 2.3 fixes the issue, and I can log on even when
screen lock is triggered.

Any ideas what's going on here and how to fix it?

I suppose that going forward, updates will become necessary at some point.

I tried contacting the developers via e-mail, but to no avail.

The remote add-on has been copied to the system directory already, and
everything should work, at least in theory.


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