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Adriano Soldaini

Jun 7, 2020, 11:30:56 PM6/7/20
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Hi all, in the game of entombed I’m playing now, I purchased a decent large frozen keen teak great axe, which in the quest I just finished now, didn’t even do 1 point of damage to the enemy characters when my character, a fighter/assassin hit’s them. So I went into my inventory to see what it said about the item, and it says base damage, minus 12 points. Does this mean it’s not a good weapon or something?




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Jun 7, 2020, 11:47:35 PM6/7/20
to entomb...@googlegroups.com


Think it has something to do with the element of a weapon or your equipment. For instance if your wearing mostly death stuff and try to wear a holy item it might cause some type of conflict I have never really totally figured out. This can be reversed. But not easy to do so. Most times I see this I just get rid of the weapon. Only time I have not is if it’s a weapon I am not going to use but am wearing just because the stats are really good for my magic character. Especially if its for a faerie. Not going to stab with that. Lol.


In your case it’s a frozen weapon. So it is ice. But maybe your wearing mostly fire eq and that conflicts with the ice of the weapon.


Maybe some one else who has figured out the element factor of the eq in entombed will chime up and enlighten us all. That’s one of those things I have wondered about but never really delved into to figure out.


The only thing I have figured out is wearing ice stuff is great for necro and ice blast. Likewise fire is great for mage and firebolt.



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