Forced real gps reading with an accuracy threshold in an Enketo webform

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András Szabadfalvi

Mar 2, 2021, 2:08:46 PMMar 2
to enketo-users

Is there any way of forcing a real GPS reading with a specified accuracy threshold in an Enketo webform?
The XLSForm docs say "body::accuracyThreshold" doesn't work on Enketo.
The problem is that due to the seemingly "instant location fix" behavior of the webform version of the geopoint widget is prone to wildly false gps readings from smart phones. The wild location data is likely messed up by the GSM provider and without further reading (e.g. weak coverage) it is just taken from somewhere the smart phone without actually attempting a more accurate reading.
(e.g. in Hungary the service provider "Telenor" puts your location always to "Siófok" (a Hungarian city in the West part of the country) by default.)

Martijn van de Rijdt

Mar 2, 2021, 3:48:16 PMMar 2
Thanks for sharing this! 

Currently not possible. We do have an issue for this: However, this issue is waiting for a developer to contribute. 

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Tyler Depke

Aug 20, 2021, 12:57:11 PMAug 20
to enketo-users
Has there been any progress been made on this or is it still where it left off. One thing to note, currently when a user clicks the GPS location button in a form, the lat/long, altitude, and accuracy fields are filled with numbers, however they are all editable. It would be good to make sure users cannot accidentally or otherwise manually change the accuracy field. Having it displayed is still very helpful. 

In opening my test form without an internet connection and clicking the location button the accuracy changed from 15m to 1600m in clear skies within 20 seconds of each other. I've used GPS regularly without internet with several apps, I decided to try running this one:

and then went back into my enketo form and clicked the location button. I got as low as 5m under the same conditions I was getting 15m-1600m, all without internet. Is this the only current solution to get enketo to under 10m error readings currently? I'm hoping to deploy a form for users that have very little technical ability and in some cases are illiterate, which is why I'm using the enketo form in the first place over the other Android apps.

Any help, recommendations, updates are very welcome. Thanks for all your work!

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