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A forum for Enketo Express users, and self-installers, and for paying https://enke.to users to ask questions, make comments or report problems. Bug requests can also be filed at: https://github.com/enketo in whatever repository you think is most appropriate (they will be moved by the developer if appropriate). 

Please make your post subject descriptive in order to make this forum a more useful reference (so not 'enketo is broken', not 'cannot get it to work', and not 'please help'). If you're reporting an issue you will get assistance much faster if you make it as easy as possible for readers to reproduce the exact issue you are experiencing, e.g. by just loading a public webform url that you provide.

Users of enketo inside https://ona.io are encouraged to use the ona community forum. Users of enketo inside KoBoToolbox are encouraged to use the KoBo users forum