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Aug 7, 2007, 5:20:57 AM8/7/07
to engeo
The internet for many years was simply a series of people saying
things where no one could reply (or simply a bunch of adverts). Things
are better now with wiki use, comment systems and social sites like
Digg and MySpace. Many sites are now set up to allow people to
interact directly, and that's super.

However, for the sites that don't allow it or don't suit it, Dai.sy
allows the visitors to add comments, ideas, suggestions, media and
anything else they feel they want to say. Imagine that every page on
the internet has a separate site where you can post comments about the
page (or the site), share files that you think are relevant and have a
chat room that is persistent. Not only that, but this is all done
without censorship and without user accounts (therefore anonymous).
Completely free to use and out with the control of the website owners
that the separate site is associated with. Dai.sy provides all this
for anyone using Firefox (the best web browser there is in my opinion)
as a plug-in.

Though there may not currently be a page on our main site that suits
direct feedback, we greatly encourage our visitors to say anything
they like in our Dai.sy pages (i.e., any page on our site, since every
page on the internet has a Dai.sy page).

Have fun dudes!

The website for Dai.sy is: http://dai.sy

- Nex

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