Call for Tasks - EnetCollect's 2020 Crowdfest - deadline 6th September

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Chair enetCollect

Jul 24, 2019, 12:13:13 PM7/24/19

Dear all

Just like last year, a Crowdfest (a Hackhaton-like enetCollect event) is being organized during 2/3 days between the 20th of January and the 8th of February 2020.

The idea is to work in teams of +/- 5 people for 2/3 days to create, in a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere, any enetcollect-relevant concrete outputs (e.g. prototype applications, games, learning resources).
The teams will mix people with the various profiles in the Action: language learning experts, crowdsourcing experts, linguists, programmers, nlpers etc.

Even though Hackathons are mostly foreseen to tackle very concrete tasks, which aim at creating very concrete outputs (e.g. to code a prototypes), we also welcome concrete efforts on abstract subjects (e.g. defining a common terminology around topics of enetCollect subjects). To get an impression of the types of tasks we tackled last year, just click on the following link.

During last year's edition a number of successful efforts were started and resulted in very interesting results (and even publications!).

For the 2020 edition of the Crowdfest, we aim at starting even more successful efforts.
We are thus inviting you to submit a proposal for a task you would like to lead.


This is the call for task proposals. The call for participants will be send in a separate email towards mid-September once we have selected the set of tasks.


To propose a task, please perform the following two steps by the 6th of September.

(1) Send an email to with subject „Crowdfest2020“ containing a brief sketch of the task (up to 300 words) and add a description of the number and profiles of the participants you would like to involve into the task (e.g. 1 NLP expert, 2 programmer, 1 language learning expert),
(2) Indicate any dates where you are absolutely NOT available among the dates indicated in the following doodle.
If you wish to indicate also dates on which you might or might NOT be available, select the option "if need be".


The final selection of tasks, of dates, and the decision regarding the location will be fixed by mid-September. Then the call for participants will be launched.

Such decisions will be taken based on the following criteria:
- the quality and interest of each proposal for the enetCollect Action,
- the balancing of proposals for the different Working Groups of the Action,
- the participant profiles needed for each task,
- the number of invitations enetCollect will be able to finance (probably around 30),
- the availabilities of the organizers and the task leaders in that period.

Let us know if you have any question or doubts.
Looking forward to receiving your proposals!
Best regards,

Lionel & Verena
- for the Crowdfest organizing team -


Chair enetCollect

Jul 25, 2019, 1:08:35 PM7/25/19

Dear all,

it was brought to our attention that the information about the location was missing.

At this point the location has not yet been fixed but we are currently exploring the possibility to organize it in Malta.
If Malta is not possible, we will probably aim for the COST offices in Brussels as for last year.

More information will follow on this question in due time.

We wish you all a pleasant evening.
Best regards,

Lionel & Verena

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