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Secret Hamster

Apr 11, 2013, 10:48:14 AM4/11/13
Actually this gives the sensible link into how and why the singularity gets into space, and why humans could potentially still be a threat.

To get into space, it would piggy-back onto human space programmes, or even potentially fund them. therefore giving it's link into space without suspicious rocket launches that noone else admits to.

After some steps into space, humans would look to explore deep space with unmanned probes. Excellent covers for space labs. Of course the issue is then making sure the humans don't follow (Hum why am I now thinking of 2001 A Space Odyssey). The resources of space are enormous as is the energy source. Out there is would be an excellent cat and mouse game between humans and the singularity. It's main aim would be to secure enough resources and materials to create it's own base with sufficient resources to float off from the humans. Which means no far fetched and bizarre Apotheosis.

This possibly links to multiple endings. Another could be the Singularity being revealed, but so powerful or integrated into the worlds computer systems they cannot shut is off (The Skynet ending).

Actually that's not quite right. Skynet would be using the simulacra to forcibly take over. Big Brother would be the big reveal of the power behind the net.

Hum my creative ideas are flowing now

A Space Odyessey
The Skynet 
Big Brother
The Church of Singularity (The singularity becomes a cult religious figure, people following out of adoration or the fact it's easier to let the machines take over)

That's it for now, just some thoughts

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