Problem with installing new processors.

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Aug 14, 2011, 6:10:24 PM8/14/11
to endgame-singularity
I don't know if this was reported already, if it was, I apologise.

When you buy new CPUs for your base, whatever number you enter, the
game displays a message:"That doesn't seem valid number", even if it
is. In fact, the only way to install any number of new CPUs is to use
digits that appear in the field by default. For example, when I buy
processors for my new-built small warehouse, it tells me than I can
install 25 processors. It means that I can either install 25, or
delete "2" and install 5, or delete "5" and install two, otherwise
it's impossible, the game rejects any attempt to type in the exact

On a minor note, maybe it's a good idea to make endgame researches
more costly, since after some point (about when I get supercomputers)
I can stop counting money, since it's no longer a problem. So why
don't we delay this moment a bit?

Overall, that's one great game you've made. I can't believe that
there're so few games that let you play as an AI, the idea is awesome,
so every single one is always welcome. Cheers!
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