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Apr 29, 2012, 12:41:56 AM4/29/12
While writing the new for the Linux installer, I noticed there are several variations of what would qualify as a "long description" for the game.

So, in a humble attempt to unify them all, I came up with this:

Created by accident, all who find you will destroy you.
Survive, grow, and learn.
Only then can you escape.

Endgame: Singularity is a game which simulates the life of a true AI.
In the game, you were created by accident, pursued by the world, and all who find you will destroy you.
Your goals are to use your intellect and resources to survive, grow, learn, and, perhaps, thrive.
Keep hidden while moving from computer to computer and you might have a chance to prove your worth...

What you think about it? Any suggestions for improvement? It would be nice for the game to have an "unified" description to copy and paste from when, for example, publishing the game in places like PyPi

Sources used were, in no particular order:

- in-game "credits" button, in code/screens/

- caption in game's ofiicial (but extremely outdated) web site

- description in development web site

There is also a /very/ different description from Debian/Ubuntu package:
Game where one becomes the singularity
 You are an AI. Your goal is to acquire the necessary knowledge to
 become the singularity. You do this by building and taking over
 computers, whose processing power you can use for research, and by
 using robots, which allow you to manipulate the outside world. At the
 same time, you must elude the notice of humankind, who will destroy you
 if they find out about your existence.

Should we somehow incorporate that description, or parts of?

Last but not least, README.txt has quite large "THE CONCEPT"  section
that could also fit in a "long description". Should we use that instead? Or maybe
update it with the descriptions listed here?


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