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Evil Mr Henry

Sep 19, 2012, 11:23:11 PM9/19/12
to Aaron Nel, endgame-singularity
Sure, go ahead. The code is GPL, and some of it isn't mine, so if you do
copy code over, make sure to release the source; other than that, I
don't care that much.

On 9/19/2012 2:11 AM, Aaron Nel wrote:
> Hello evilmrhenry
> I would like to use your end game singularity game concept and create
> a web based version cable of being played in a web browser using,
> html, and JavaScript, and probably some python on the server side. I
> write this email to you to ask your permission.
> I am still in the early concept phase of building this project. So I
> have not got any thing to show you as yet. I am doing this to learn
> about how cloud computing, and platform as a service apps work. I
> would like your permission be for proceeding. I don't want to put
> hours of effort in and then have issuse arise concerning copy write
> and giving credit where credit is due.
> Some issues that may be a concern form your side. I would like you to
> say yes but with a full understanding of what my intention is with
> this as a completed project.
> I would like to make this web app as a Google chrome store item,
> available for free, with in game advertising set up to generate income
> for my self, pay for hosting costs and to contribute to other open
> source projects.
> As the game concept is yours and you own the copy write you are
> rightly entitled to a portion of any income generated. Please let me
> know how you feel about the money generated from this project and how
> you would like to see it spent.
> I plan to release the entire web app as an open source project for
> other to build upon what I have done. I am looking to build this a
> Google engine app or Appscale project.
> My development plan is to do a very similar copy of your game as an
> initial release or version 1. After that to extend the game with a
> number of ideas that I have, as version 2.
> I would like to use alot of the art work and game design as you
> created it for the version 1. I wan't it to feel almost exactly the
> same.
> At this point I would say I am 6 months away from releasing any
> working code, after I get permission from you to proceed. If money is
> an issue I would like to do this project any way just to learn about
> how html js and web services work on a hosted cloud platform.
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