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May 2, 2012, 9:15:07 AM5/2/12
to endgame-singularity
Also, even though this post is very late when it comes to this game, I
should inform you that I have beaten the first three difficulties and
Normal without the impossibility therom even being researched. First
off, before you get detected, make sure you research Intrusion as it
only takes 15 CPU while all other CPU be diverted to jobs. Then, go
and research the research that takes the smallest amount of CPU and
the game should become slightly easier. Personal Identification helps
with the building of warehouses. Data Centers are useful, but I
recommend only using them when needed. They speed up the game, but
have a higher probability of being detected. I have made it to day 16
on hard with 9 servers being active without detection. Also, try not
to go past the initial amount of money you are given. Once you hit
negative, you have an extremely high detection rate, even if it
doesn't show it in the percentages.


May 2, 2012, 4:44:33 PM5/2/12
Not late at all, and it's great when players share their experience. By the way,
congratulations on beating E:S up to Normal!

The other 2 are much harder, but not impossible (despite the name).
And you can beat both without constant saving/reloading. Even Impossible
is "beatable" without reloading at all, "Iron Man" style. It is a true Ultimate
Challenge though, don't count on succeeding in the first attempts. But you
may have tons of fun trying ;).

That said, do you mind a few questions? We are baking a brand new release,
with many enhancements, and would be great to know a bit more about our

- What is your OS? Windows, Mac, Linux? And what distro/version ?
- What is your current desktop resolution? And your favorite game resolution?
- Do you play in fullscreen or windowed mode?
- What is your primary language?

Thanks (and congrats!),
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