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May 3, 2020, 7:15:36 AM5/3/20
to EncryptPad
More than 4 years ago, there was a short thread here about the possibility of porting EncryptPad to Android. That was the last mention of Android that I have encountered here, and I'm wondering if since then, there has been any work to port this program to Android.

My goal is to edit files under Linux and MacOS and have them encrypted/decrypted via OpenPGP, and to send these files to my Android device and also have them be editable in the same manner.

Obviously, EncryptPad is an excellent utility for this under Linux and MacOS, but I really want the Android functionality, as well.

As an alternative, is there any other text editor under Android which can encrypt/decrypt the individual files via OpenPGP? I know that I can manually handle this encryption and decryption via a multi-step process under Android, but I'm looking for it to be integrated into a text editor, just like the functionality which EncryptPad offers.

Any ideas?

Evgeny Pokhilko

May 4, 2020, 7:01:44 PM5/4/20
to hipp...@gmail.com, EncryptPad

It already takes a lot of time to support the three platforms and multiple Linux distributions. We need more resources. Sadly, we haven't found a contributor who whould be interested to work on a tool for Android. If anybody comes up, we would welcome and support this effort.

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Evgeny Pokhilko
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