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Feb 4, 2021, 9:26:19 PM2/4/21
to EncryptPad

I am not incredibly wealthy by any means, but I feel very strongly about cryptography.

I like EncryptPad. There are certain (somewhat trivial) changes that I wish to propose in order to enhance the functionality of the app. Most of them lie along the lines of cryptography in general.

This funding comes with no caveats or commitments.

1. I desire no 'ownership' or elevated role than the one I have at this point (nobody).

2. No credit or even acknowledgment needs to be given (this is the developer's project; I just have a few ideas)

3. There is no obligation for the developer to keep the changes in the project. Ultimately, there will be a history of the changes that were made on GitHub (I'm assuming), so one can opt to fork a prior release if, for some reason, you decided that you absolutely hated the changes.

I carefully selected changes that would ensure that the functionality of the app would not appear to be impacted in any way by the end user (in other words, if they didn't probe into it - they may not even know changes were made perhaps).

If possible, I would like to contribute directly wherever I can, but my coding is iffy at best - so I'd rather leave that to someone experienced (like yourself).

I am dropping this e-mail preemptively before actually making said suggestions because I see there hasn't been activity here in a little while and I don't want to risk that the developer of this project will become discouraged (for some reason). The project is great, you've done great and there's a lot of potential here.

Looking forward to speaking with you further in the future.

James Edwards, Librehash


Feb 4, 2021, 9:29:55 PM2/4/21
to EncryptPad
Oh, also there is no obligation to accept my proposal.

To ensure that you do not feel pressured to do so, I want to make it clear that I am looking to contribute to your efforts on this project whether you agree with my input or are absolutely against every proposal that I have made.

In addition, I would prefer to make said proposals within this mailing list, in public, to ensure that everything is transparent. We can talk actual $$ amount in private since that is peripherally related to safety (not the best idea to announce that you're receiving $X on the internet broadly - can't imagine anything good stemming from it).

I am more than happy to answer any and all questions about myself that do not go beyond the point of what one would consider 'doxxing' (i.e., 'Where do you live?')

Evgeny Pokhilko

Feb 8, 2021, 7:48:55 AM2/8/21
to librehash, EncryptPad
Hi James,

I am glad you have found that the software has potential.

You have reasonable caution about the activity. The work on the project has periodic nature. Long periods of updates follow eventual releases. The release cost in terms of work is high for this type of products. So "release often and realise early" is not feasible with the resources available.

Otherwise, commits on GitHub are a good indicator of the health of the project at any given time: https://github.com/evpo/EncryptPad/branches

I am not working on EncryptPad full time, but I always come back. It's been like this for several years. There are other people who contribute as well. They bring ideas, help with issues and improvements in distributions or provide the localization. The work goes through the source control and issue tracker.

Sometimes I take silence as a good sign. It means there are no critical bugs and things work.

Regarding your proposed changes, feel free to list them here. It will be a good start.

There are a few expenses I need to cover to keep this effort going and possibly expand so donations are always welcome as well as other kinds of help.


PS: at times I am slow to respond to communications. Give me a few days and I will get back to you.

https://github.com/evpo/EncryptPad/branchesOn Thu, 4 Feb 2021 18:29:55 -0800 (PST)
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Evgeny Pokhilko
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