Delay irregularity among 3 nodes (n1-server,n2-bridge,n3-sender)

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Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan

Feb 14, 2022, 9:27:18 PMFeb 14
to emulab-users
I have 3 nodes deployed which are connected via Ethernet and network goes from node0-node1-node2. 
using netem,  ran the simulation manually with two network profiles: 100mbit10ms | 200mbit20ms
node0: server (
node1: bridge (
node2: client/sender (
network profile is set only on bridge node and when i ping from sender to server, I get accurate time delays of 10.x ms and 20.x ms on ping and same results when i send request via iperf3 from sender to server , while I don't change the network profile on sender at all. 
But I get variation when I run ping and iperf on sender side consecutively, the bandwidth rate and delay value fluctuates and is not the same. I also set limit on netem e.g limit 42 for 100mbit rate and 10ms delay  but still I am not getting accurate results. 

if someone can explain why I am getting this variation and how can I eliminate in netem ? 

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