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Hafiz Mohsin

Aug 26, 2022, 11:26:27 AM8/26/22
to emulab...@googlegroups.com
I am trying to swap in an experiment. But I am facing some internal error. Below are the failure logs and details about the experiment.

Experiment Details:
Project ID: TuftsCC
Experiment ID: beta
Creator: hmmohsin

Experiment failure logs:
Running 'tbswap in  TuftsCC beta'
Beginning swap-in for TuftsCC/beta (496620). 08/26/2022 09:21:36
TIMESTAMP: 09:21:36:223288 tbswap in started
Checking with Admission Control ...
*** ERROR: tbswap:
***   Can't locate object method "Lookup" via package "Project" at
***   /usr/testbed/lib/libadminctrl.pm line 1519. 
*** ERROR: swapexp: tbswap in failed!
Cleaning up and exiting with status 255 ... 
DB Query failed:
  Query: update experiment_stats set   swap_errors=swap_errors+1,   swap_exitcode='255',   last_error=631258692 where exptidx=496620
  Error: Out of range value for column 'swap_exitcode' at row 1 (1264)

Hafiz Mohsin

Mike Hibler

Aug 26, 2022, 11:42:50 AM8/26/22
to emulab...@googlegroups.com
Try again, let's see if I fixed the problem.
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