ssh failed between Emulab nodes

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Sep 17, 2021, 2:43:32 AM9/17/21
to emulab-users

We cannot ssh an Emulab node from another. The following shows a failed scenario:

node8:~> ssh node3

key_load_public: invalid format

nobi@node3: Permission denied (publickey).

Why is it the "public key" issue? 


Mike Hibler

Sep 17, 2021, 10:32:02 AM9/17/21
The "invalid format" message is caused by one of your public keys (
on the node actually being a private key. You need to fix that. But even then,
the ssh between nodes won't work unless you forward your ssh agent.

You need to run an ssh agent on your home machine and forward the connection (-A)
when you ssh to the first node and then whenever you ssh from there to another
node. But that doesn't work if you want to use ssh in a script, say at node boot
time. For that, use can use the root keypair we setup on all nodes by default;
i.e., running ssh as root. In the example below you can you can ssh from node8
with "sudo ssh node3".
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