[Android] Speccy 5.9.3 Released

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Dec 27, 2021, 7:28:41 PM12/27/21
to EMUL8
Hello, All!

I have released Speccy 5.9.3, a new version of my Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Sam Coupe emulator for Android:

The new release targets Android 11 (SDK-30 API) and fixes a bunch of issues, including virtual gamepad on Android 12 devices and assigning gamepad buttons to ZX Spectrum keys. There is also support for newer AndroidTV devices.

Please, note that the method to get cheats back has changed in this version. As you remember, I had to disable cheat features to avoid Google staff banning Speccy from the store. You can easily reenable cheats though by downloading this file and CLICKING ON IT in the File Selector:

* Added support for newer Android TV versions using SAF.
* Hopefully fixed virtual gamepad issues on Android 12.
* Fixed gamepad button assignments to keyboard keys.
* Fixed vulnerability when unzipping files, as reported by Google.
* Fixed state files not getting deleted when requested.
* Fixed lost file handle issue detected by FDSAN.
* Fixed virtual gamepad shape reloading multiple times.
* Refactored virtual gamepad layout mechanism.
* Lowest supported Android version is Android 4.4 (SDK-19) now.
* Now targeting Android 11 (SDK-30).

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