[RFC] Changes to how "modularization" works in emscripten

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Sam Clegg

Apr 1, 2024, 3:52:40 PMApr 1
to emscripte...@googlegroups.com
A few of us on the core emscripten team have been tossing around ideas about how to improve/modernize the modularization of emscripten-generated code.

I've created a google doc with comments open to anyone.  Please feel free to comment on this document and raise any concerns you have either there or here on this thread.

The first step along the way is to improve encapsulation by bringing back the old `-sMODULARIZE_INSTACE` settings (perhaps with a better name).   All this setting really does is wrap the emscripten-generated code in a private function context.   I'm hoping we can do this without affecting code size in any significant way.

Ideally we would make this new mode the default, or even the only mode.  However there will likely be some users who are currently depending on the emscripten internally being available in the global scope.   So at least initially this will be optional, and perhaps enabled in `-sSTRICT` mode.

It would be very useful to know how many folks currently depend on the internals of the generated code being available in the global scope?   Do you use emscripten-generated functions or globals without accessing them via the `Module` object?   (Note that if you use --closure=1 you already cannot access these internals due to minification, so you won't be affected by this change).


Brooke Vibber

Apr 1, 2024, 7:08:55 PMApr 1
to emscripte...@googlegroups.com
I don't need internals in global scope, but I _do_ need multiple instantiation if possible for the demuxers and codecs in ogv.js.

If that's dropped, I'll have to rewrite some C and JavaScript code for my internal APIs to support multiple active data streams in a long-lived instance with explicit data structure lifetime management, instead of each instance being single-use and garbage collected independently. It wouldn't a hard blocker, but it would require some refactoring if there's only one mode and it's single-instance. :)

-- b

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