A New Way to Asyncify (JSPI) is Entering Chrome Origin Trial

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Brendan Dahl

Mar 15, 2024, 5:15:58 PMMar 15
to emscripten-discuss

Александр Гурьянов

Apr 2, 2024, 12:52:12 PMApr 2
to emscripte...@googlegroups.com
Hi, great to know that JSPI is moving forward, I tested it on couple of my projects.

1. Dune 2

compiles: ✅ (yes)
regular build: 428Kb
jspi build: 336 Kb -22%
works in chrome: ✅ (yes)
performance: same (old version also was blazing fast)

2. js-dos dosbox

compiles: ✅ (yes)
regular build: 1.4Mb
jspi build: 1.4 Mb
works in chrome: ❌ (no), freezes tab on start

3. js-dos dosbox-x (with exceptions!)

compiles: ✅ (yes)
regular build: 6.3Mb
jspi build: 5.9 Mb -7%
works in chrome: ❌ (no), freezes tab on start

2/3 how-to reproduce:

You can find in jspi version of js-dos here: https://v8.js-dos.com/tmp/jspi.zip.
1. Extract it
2. Change origin meta tag in test/dhry2.html and test/test.html
3. Serve contents of dist folder and open test/dhry2.html or test/test.html in chrome

dhry2.html - is a benchmark, it will print performance estimation if works
test.html - is a js-dos testsuite, all tests should pass (press "Start Tests" button to start).

Both pages stuck at the beginning, regular version works just fine.

Best regards, Alex

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