F-Day Fast Approaching!

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Amy Hoy

Jul 7, 2008, 3:33:37 PM7/7/08
to Failcamp
Hi everyone!

So far everything for Failcamp is going right on track. And if I've
just jinxed us, well, that would practically be in the spirit of the
event, no?

If you plan to come and haven't RSVP'd already, please do so:


1. Failcamp is going to be held at Indyhall (32 Strawberry St) unless
we are overwhelmed by attendees. We can accommodate up to 30-35
2. We will begin at 10am and go til whenever we're all tired of each
3. THERE IS NO CHARGE. However, attendees should be prepared to do
these two things to contribute:
a. Tell a fail story. This will be a small, intimate, non-lurking
b. Pitch in for/with beverages and/or food. This doesn't have to
be money.
3. After hanging out and discussing various aspects of fail, we can
retire to one of the many awesome bars nearby.

As for the donations, If you can bring cookies, potato salad,
beverages or anything delicious, that would rock. Otherwise, a small
cash contribution would be appreciated to help us acquire pizza,
snacks and beverages. There is *no* other overhead.


We decided that in lieu of a fixed entry fee, we'd rather be paid in
stories. In the spirit of sharing, we'll start off with ours. (And
trust me, some of ours are pretty big.)

Your story can be about whatever you wish, big or small, as long as it
fits within these guidelines:

1. OWN YOUR FAILURE! This is about personal fail, so let's not dwell
on what/how other people may have contributed.
2. Keep it PG-13, please! (Cursing - OK. Telling us you got taken in
by a V1AGRA spammer - NOT OK.)
3. Short and sweet! No more than 10 minutes, thanks. (And you can
speak for less time, as well.)
4. If there's a direct or indirect lesson buried in there somewhere,
we'd love to hear it. But don't sprain your brain trying to find one
if there isn't.

Everyone who comes will have to tell at least one story. You can tell
more than one, of course. We'll have plenty of time. Think of it as a
campfire singalong only without the campfire and singing, just pure
unadulterated doses of fail!

You do not need to prepare any slides or other presentation materials.
If you want to, of course, that's cool. We should be able to
accommodate you.


Our fail stories will probably not fill up the entire day. If you have
a non-story topic you'd like to discuss - either as a discussion
leader-type situation, or a person asking a question of our unofficial
fail panel - please bring it with you! This could be anything. (For
example, I'm in love with a book called "Management of the Absurd" and
I'd like to chat about it with you all.) Bring whatever you're
interested in for show & tell!

We also have a couple fun little activities planned that are secret
for now while we work out the kinks.


We view this event as an opportunity to laugh at ourselves, learn from
each other, share our strengths & weaknesses, and pretty much have a
break from always feeling as if we must put our very best face forward
and brush everything else under the rug.

AND DON'T FORGET... to bring your friends (and RSVP!). While the event
is probably going to naturally have a fairly high-tech population,
failure, of course, comes to us all.

Cheers and thanks!

Amy and Alex
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