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kevin peck

Sep 11, 2021, 12:40:58 PM9/11/21
to embox-devel
Has anybody successfully built and used this library in embox?

Any idea of the effort to do this?  I've made a couple false starts at it so far.  I think I'm in need of a roadmap from those more knowledgable.

Interestingly, I've seen that RISC OS has managed to use this library in some way!  This has given new hope, or, is that more of a distraction?

Path of interest ../riscosopen/BCM2835/RiscOS/Sources/HWSupport/VCHIQ

From the chatter and text in the source files, I swear, this group is getting special support from Broadcom.  Is anybody else seeing this?

So, any insight into which direction should be taken?  The attractive thing about the RISC OS use is that this is in a coorporative multi-tasking OS, no userland virtual memory (I think that means) so the library is already configured for static linking without virtual memory.  The source does seem to be different than the reaspberrypi hosted source but confusingly, it also has references to linux headers.

Some insight would be super helpful in how to proceed.


Anton Bondarev

Sep 12, 2021, 7:02:22 AM9/12/21
to, Kevin Peck
Has anybody successfully built and used this library in embox?
I did not hear about it.

The first question is what we want to get from this library. I looked through the and it seems that it aims to support Video Core from Linux userspace. However, I also found 'vcfw/rtos' folder. I guest that the developers have plans about different OSes support. In this case, adding the project to Embox (and Embox to the project) is a good idea. However today the build script in the project is hardcoded as I see. therefore we have to compile C code from the project in Embox environment. It seems RiscOS followed this way. They copied some source files into their own source tree, I mean vchi & vchi_arm folders into vc04_services/interface folder and compile the code with the project way.

Embox has a more convenient way. We are able to download original sources and try to compile the source (Look at Maybe it will require a compatible layer. Besides this, we can split the repository to some separate libs (libvcq_arm for example) and utils (host_applications/linux/apps/raspicam foe example)
I think that an issue creation in the Broadcom VC userland library is also a good idea. We may ask the developers whether they want to support different OSes or not and if yes what way they recommend for it


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