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Rob Maris (Maris Engineering)

May 3, 2022, 3:07:39 AM5/3/22
to Anton Bondarev,
Hello Anton,

I have managed a simple symlink based approach to allow quick switching to a few build targets without the time consumption for every confload action.

Please see attached patch. I think that this makes more sense for starters who are simply doing experiments and wanna have an impression of several stuff. Real project workers could do well without this feature.

Of course the script could be integrated in mk/
In this file however, a few changes were necessary in order to clean not by removing build/ but the contents of it. Otherwise the symlink would be destroyed.

Invocation example:
$ ./confload project/gpio_http_admin/stm32f746g-discovery
Config complete
-existing configuration still used (to renew it from template, do make confclean and repeat)

This example also documents another (for experimenters) handy feature. The traditional make confload-xxx operates as before, using real folders conf & build. If executed accidentally, any used template/project specific folders are not lost and would be 'relinked' again by invocating the new script.

Disadvantage of the script compared to make confload-xxx: no autocompletion.


PS: For any new project using embox without needing external memory, I'm considering the following NXP MCU's offering 4 MB flash & up to 1 MB RAM: i.MX RT1024 resp. 1064 ( Could fit as industrial controller with webserver, modbus, profibus, wifi etc.

Anton Bondarev

May 3, 2022, 2:18:13 PM5/3/22
to Rob Maris (Maris Engineering),
Hello Rob,

Thank you very much for the patch! Your idea looks great!
I'll merge your patch into embox as soon as possible (I hope tomorrow).

P.S. i.MX RT1024 looks as good choice, however it needs to port drivers for it.

Best regards,

пн, 2 мая 2022 г. в 18:51, Rob Maris (Maris Engineering) <>:

Anton Bondarev

May 5, 2022, 11:13:31 AM5/5/22
to Rob Maris (Maris Engineering),
Hello Rob.

Thank you again for you patch. I change it a little and create PR (

I suggest to use './confset' instead of './confload' and I also add switching opportunity between 'make confload-xxx' and './confset xxx' method.
Could you try it? I hope it is convenient and I merge it to master.

Best regards,

вт, 3 мая 2022 г. в 21:18, Anton Bondarev <>:
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