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jack jiny

Oct 8, 2018, 8:10:48 AM10/8/18
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RR email or Road Runner webmail is a highly multipurpose service, which you can avail by logging into. Road Runner webmail is among the top-rated webmail service that is also related with Time Warner Cable. The connotation of Time Warner Cable and RR webmail can be understood by the fact that the former one has used the latter one as its ISP (Internet Service Provider). For smooth and summary internet service, it is important to have an ISP that is reliable and efficient. Time Warner Cable Internet has been bringing top-notch services in the United States in terms of Internet Service Providers. TWC renders services like emailing, e-shopping and e-gaming, etc. Coming back to the association of Road Runner webmail with TWC, when you type in the address bar, then you will be redirected to the TWC link.It is always better to use a personal account while connecting to the Internet Service Provider because of the ease factor.

Why in the world, when Google, Yahoo or Bing can come up with a million search results in 0.1 seconds, Road Runner's webmail can't search a simple folder of sent mail in an infinite amount of time. Try a search and after 5 minutes of waiting, it will return the message "Search Failed.
Please try again." If you do try it again, you'll get the same result. A loop of doom. What a piece of ***. Don't use Road Runner webmail.
Ditch it for Gmail or any other free service. Any service will be better than Time Warner's web mail.
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