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Sep 20, 2009, 4:07:48 PM9/20/09
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Hi guys

I gave regex-tool.el a try, it's an interactive regex tester like regex-builder, but can be modfied to work with perl.

The project hasn't been updated for 2 years now, but I like it!

It's a very small but functional module (190 lines incl. docs) which can be easily modified, especially the embedded perlcode!

Furthermore I found  a workaround to test just more than a line by just adding a (?x) in the first line.

This makes it an extended regex and you can experiment by simply commenting lines out:
 (?x)  #multiline
#(?i)  # do I want it case sensitive?
prematch(group) # regex

Komodo's RegEx tester may look more comfortable, but it runs on Python's PCRE engine not Perl, which may cause special problems!

Here some nice DHTML tester I found

PS: I started to write a PerlRegex to Elisp-Regex converter with regexes only.

Still needs a decent test-coverage, but looks promising for me.
(I'm searching for a good method to run  automated tests from perl in emacs)

Please tell me if you find a bug!

One of the next versions shall also produce an elisp-version of the converter such that you can use perlsyntax directly from emacs.
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