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Urs Liska

Aug 22, 2011, 8:22:18 AM8/22/11
Hi all,

after jumping into it, installing and for the first time opening I
instantly came across a problem (besides all the promising features of
Is it possible to use user defined search paths for validating and
navigating source code?

I use a general purpose library with include files.
Since the last release it is possible to add an --include option as
optional command line parameter. So now my files are compiled, which is
But variables declared in such external files are not recognized by
Elysium/Eclipse, therefore I
- get error warnings
these are only a little bit annoying - but I fear one could too
easily stumble into automatically (i.e. IDE assistedly) creating a new
empty variable
- can't use the superior editing features like "open declaration" or any
refactoring methods.

What I tried already in vain was
- importing the lib into the workspace.
This is obviously nonsense as it materially copies the files into my project
- Use the project option to reference another project.

Is there a way to achieve this through Eclipse mechanisms?
Or would it be good to file an enhancement request on the tracker?


Harmath Dénes

Aug 22, 2011, 8:52:08 AM8/22/11
Yes, you're right, and this was already requested by others, so please file an enhancement request here, I'll look into it:
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