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Sep 15, 2006, 2:57:29 PM9/15/06
to elvish
Aiya Meldenyar!

I am attempting to create a neo-Quenya word, and since I am no
linguist, I am hoping someone on this list will be willing to assist

I want to say broken-winged bird. Rácina means broken, and is attested
according to HKF's dictionary. Ráma is the word for wing, but it needs
to be changed to winged. If ráma is transformed into a verb, my guess
is that it would be ram-, since rama means to shout. So, if ram- is the
stem, then perhaps rámina would be the past perfect, thereby giving
rácina rámina aiwë.

Am I anywhere close here?

All opinions welcome!

Thanks in advance.

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