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Dec 27, 2006, 9:34:09 PM12/27/06
to elvish
Hey. I'm wanting to learn Elvish, but I'm totally new and have no priar
knowledge of it at all. I was wondering whether there'd be anyone out
there who'd be willing to help? I'm 15, and not a very quick learner
but this is something I'd really like to do. I can write some elvish
characters (using non english letters).... Or at least, I learned them
from a website claming to be a real translation of Elvish, but that's
all I know. :/ I've read LOTR a couple of times.... It's my summer
holidays now, and I go back to school around mid Jan or Feb. :)



Dec 28, 2006, 2:31:15 AM12/28/06
to elvish
Hello and welcome!
There are several elvish languages that were created by Tolkien.
However only two, Quenya and Sindarin, have a complete enough grammar
and lexicon to have become very popular.

This is one of the best sites on Tolkien's languages. There is plenty
to read and lots of links.

If you wish to learn Quenya, this is a popular course. No prior
knowledge necessary.

Another Quenya course and one for Sindarin can be found here.

This site has lots of information on the elvish scripts created by

I hope this helps. You can go through some of the courses and
articles and see what you like. If you have questions, we can try to
Happy Holidays!


Dec 28, 2006, 5:45:40 PM12/28/06
to elvish

Welcome to our little group!
The sources given in the previous post are excellent. I recommend them
as well.
The first thing you need to do is decide whether you are going to try
to learn Quenya or Sindarin. Quenya has a larger corpus, which is why I
am trying to tackle it. Both languages can be daunting to a
non-linguist like me, but I enjoy the challenge.
Once you have decided which language you want to learn, I suggest you
download the dictionary for that language from HKF's website, as well
as the lessons. The dictionary comes in very handy for me.
If you decide to study Quenya, I am willing to help with the easy
stuff. There are a few people in this group that are more advanced, and
I am sure they will be willing to help once you have passed my level
(lesson 12 and holding).
What part of the world are you from? It sounds like you are south of
the equator.
Good luck with your study. Let us know which language you want to learn!

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