Story : Interview with a girlcow (cannibalism, human cows)

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Apr 10, 2011, 3:44:26 PM4/10/11
to Elminster's Tome of Gynophagia Stories
Interview with a girlcow

by Elminster

Disclaimer : This story is a work of fantasy for adults.
It does deal with cannibalism/gynophagia and
should not be read by minors.Don't take it too
seriously, it's just a fetish story for adults.
Feel free to repost this story, but please don't
change it.

"Hello, this is Todd McMeyers for the cannibal news channel.Today
talking to a woman who chose a life on Old McKinley's Farm for
and who's loving it."

"Say 'Hello' to Caroline, also known as cow number #457.Hello Caroline
should I say cow #457?"

"Hello Mr. McMeyers.This is a small farm.You can call me Caroline,
my owner prefers names instead of numbers."

"Ok, girlcow Caroline.Well, first, tell us something about you.How old
you and for how long are you on this farm here?"

"Well, Mr.McMeyers, I've just turned 23 years of age and I'm here
since I'm
18.That means I'm here for about 5 years and I'm loving it!"

"That's nice to hear.Tell us what you are doing here?"

"I`m a milker and a breeder, that means I'm milked every day, take a
at my udders, they're quite impressive, aren't they?"

"Yes, they are."

"And once per year I'm giving birth to one or two little baby
girls thanks to special drugs. They will be raised as cows for future
breeding and milk production."

"That means you're pregnant right now?"

"Yes, I'm in the 3rd month of pregnancy."

"Aren't you afraid of being butchered one day?"

"No, we're all part of the food chain and my meat will be delicious,
sure. Well, I suppose I'll live at least until my 30th birthday on
that farm,
so I don't worry that much right now."

"Ah yes, I see that the Dolcett Girls on those Dolcett farms have a
far shorter
lifespan than you girlcows..."

"Yes, that's correct, some of us can live for a decade or more, giving
birth to numerous calves and producing a lot of milk."

"A cow that sees the positive sites of being a cow!"

"Indeed, Mr. McMeyers and we cows don't have to care about bills, we
have to care about clothes and we don't have to care about jobs. We
can be
nude all day, we do live for free and we do have A LOT of sex, both
men and other girlcows."

"Is sex with farmhands ok?"

"Of course, they do fuck us all the time!"

"And lesbian sex between cows?"

"We do it all the time, too.I've just licked the cunt of girlcow Jane
we both loved it."

"Being a cow can be quite a nice job for you animals. Can any girl
join such
a girlfarm?"

"Yes, of course, as long as she is still able to breed and to produce
She must be healthy and free of contagious diseases.The owner does
young girls in their teens or early 20s, but he will also take healthy
women in their 30s."

"Only volunteers or unwilling girls, too?"

"This farm is for volunteer girls only, but there are other places for
unwilling girls."

"Oh well.Have you ever seen a girl being butchered?"

"Yes, of course and let me tell you, I loved every minute of it.They
do lift
her by her ankles and cut her throat. Once her blood has left her
body, the
butcher does open her belly and then the intestines are removed.After
the body is skinned and brought to the cooling chamber. They do pay a
for well-tanned girlcow-hides these days, I bet mine will fetch a good
when my time has come..."

"I'm sure it will. Tell us, why did you choose this life?"

"Well, Mr. McMeyers, I think I was just born to be a mother and I was
born to feed others with my milk and -one day- my meat. Well, that's
advantage when you compare us to the Dolcett Girls. We can feed far
people because we're producing both milk and meat."

"Oh well! Did you never want to have a job, a career and money?"

"No, what can that money buy? Just a lot of useless crap.I'm feeding
people with my milk, one day they'll eat my meat and I'm already a mom
five young girlcalves. What do those career-women have? Just a lot of
worthless clothes and things, nothing really valuable.No, I *am* a
and I want to be a girlcow for the rest of my life!"

"Interesting opinion,Caroline!"

"Yes, Mr.McMeyers. I'm just 23 and I have produced tons of milk and
five wonderful
babycows, did any career-woman do that much at that age? Probably not.
Bottom line is, I'm glad with this life and I won't ever go back. I'm
a cow
and I live as a cow and I will die as a cow."

"Well said, oh yes, that's what the customers want to hear.Ok, thank
for that interview, you probably want to play with the other cows

"Yes, can't wait to have some more fun with them, Mr. McMeyers!"

"Thank you.Ladies, if you're interested in becoming a cow, contact
farm, they're looking for new cows and you can apply as a breeder, a
or meatgirl.Goodbye to our viewers, until next time, yours truly, Todd

The End
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