** (CompileError) nofile: invalid quoted expression: #Ecto.Query

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Vlad Alyukov

Sep 8, 2016, 8:24:53 AM9/8/16
to elixir-lang-talk

Hi there, 

When I try to make up a new hex (something like ransack in ruby land) I have the next problem:


  defp match(%Rule{op: :eq, field: field, assoc: nil}, value, query) do

    quote do: unquote(query) |> where([q], q.unquote(field) == ^unquote(var!(value)))


  defp match(%Rule{op: :eq, field: field, assoc: assoc}, value, query) do

    quote do


      |> join(:inner, [r], l in assoc(r, unquote(var!(assoc))))

      |> where([q], q.unquote(field) == ^unquote(var!(value)))




first function works well, but when I try to pass "unquote(query)" (regular "Ecto.Query" struct) to macros "join", I got an exception like this:


    ** (CompileError) nofile: invalid quoted expression: #Ecto.Query<from o in Order>


Did I do something wrong? Why "where" and "join" macros have different semantics? And, of course is there other way to build dynamic queries?


Sep 8, 2016, 9:57:29 AM9/8/16
to elixir-lang-talk
It might be better to ask this on the https://elixirforum.com/ site.

Initially though, I'm curious what the quote'ing and such there is for, are these functions being used in a macro?  Ecto queries are very changeable without macro's too.

Vlad Alyukov

Sep 9, 2016, 9:20:48 AM9/9/16
to elixir-lang-talk
Thank you for your advise.
I made topic with verbose explanation of my problem and examples. 

But could you please explain what did you mean? I try to change query via public API, and all my attempts lead to nothing.  
I know that I can change Ecto.Query struct directly, but I would not like to stick to internal realization of Ecto.Query. I want implement this with public API. 

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