Introduce guards in MapSet

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Dec 21, 2020, 10:36:51 PM12/21/20
Hi list,
I would like to propose to convert two existing functions to guards in
the MapSet module.

1. Is MapSet.size/1. I found myself not being able to use this function
in guards, and having to port my code, unless I want to get into
the bad habit of reading the internal structure of the struct which is
an opaque type.
This guard can be implemented with :erlang.map_get/2

2. Deprecate MapSet.member?/2 in favor of MapSet.is_member/2

Thank you for reading


Dec 23, 2020, 10:48:11 PM12/23/20
Actually, why are we having MapSet.member?/2 when we have
Enum.member?/2. It is redudant.

José Valim

Dec 24, 2020, 2:37:40 AM12/24/20
Because if I have a MapSet, I would prefer to call MapSet API to make the intent clearer.

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Christopher Keele

Mar 1, 2024, 6:30:49 PMMar 1
to elixir-lang-core
MapSets are very useful constant time data structures; and I keep on finding myself wishing there was a future-proof approved way to use them in guards. Consider this my +1.

I believe eksperimental's original rationale still holds:

1. :erlang.is_map_key/2, as well as :erlang.map_get/2, are awkward to use guards (as of writing, by design, to encourage destructuring)
2. a MapSet's .map is a private field and should not be accessed/destructured directly (see: various pain points when the internal implementation of Range fields changed)

I'd like to re-open a proposal for a guard-safe MapSet.is_member/2, with the implementation:

defmodule MapSet do
defguard is_member(map_set, value)
when is_struct(map_set, __MODULE__) and

This would bring the core conceit of MapSets (constant-time set membership) into where they are very valuable (constant-time guard operations for pattern matching against function heads).

I am not convinced that deprecating MapSet.member?/2 adds much value if it would force developers to require MapSet before using its core functionality, so I'm content having a bit of duplication. Similarly, checking the size of a MapSet is less core to its utility, and again I wouldn't want to developers to have to require the module just to check the size—so I'm proposing that addition. Just the single guard!

José Valim

Mar 2, 2024, 3:21:29 AMMar 2
Please do submit a PR for MapSet.is_member. Since then, we have added map related guards to Kernel, which also do duplicate existing functions in Map, So I think some of my original concerns are no longer relevant. There is also no need to deprecate any of the existing functions.

Christopher Keele

Mar 2, 2024, 5:28:38 PMMar 2
to elixir-lang-core

PR opened here!

Bruce Tate

Mar 3, 2024, 8:37:05 AMMar 3
I'm excited for this one, Chris. Thanks for taking it on. 



Bruce Tate

Aleksei Matiushkin

Mar 3, 2024, 9:13:55 AMMar 3
Hi all,

while we are on this, I’d like to share the `mapset/1 macro we use to simplify MapSet matching

 @doc """
 Mapsets in matches are matched the same way as maps, that said the following would be matched

 fn mapset() -> :ok end.(
 fn mapset() -> :ok end.([1, 2]))
 fn mapset([1]) -> :ok end.([1, 2]))

 and the following would not

 fn mapset([1]) -> :ok end.(
 fn mapset([2]) -> :ok end.([1]))

 @doc guard: false
 @spec mapset(list()) :: Macro.t()
 defmacro mapset(list) do
   case __CALLER__.context do
     :guard ->
       raise_opts = fn description ->
           file: Path.relative_to_cwd(__CALLER__.file),
           line: __CALLER__.line,
           description: description

       raise CompileError, raise_opts.("`mapset/1` macro cannot be used in guards")

     :match ->
       list_ast =, fn
           {:^, meta, [{_, _, _} = elem]} -> {{:^, meta, [elem]}, []}
           # to raise properly, we need the following line
           {_var_name, meta, _} = var -> {{:var!, meta, [var]}, []}
           elem -> {elem, []}

       map_ast = {:%{}, Macro.Env.location(__CALLER__), list_ast}

       quote do: %MapSet{map: unquote(map_ast)}

     nil ->
       quote do:

It could be a great addition to the guard, specifically in tests.

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