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Ian Mulvany

Aug 20, 2013, 4:36:16 AM8/20/13
to elife...@googlegroups.com
It may be slightly too early, but I'd like to give you guys an early
taste of the new build. So first barrier to conquer is installing the
bleeding edge version of Lens and run it locally. I've just created
working branches for the upcoming release (Lens 0.2.x, Lens.Article
0.1.x, Lens.Reader 0.1.x, Lens.Refract 0.2.x). We'll stay on those
until we make the release in October.

Install instructions are here:



Some parts are currently broken, like updating the url fragment,
annotations are not rendered at the moment and so on. However, the
situation will improve over the course of the week. If you manage to
start the server and look at the auto-generated Article spec
`http://localhost:4000/#lens_article, that's a great start. : )

Once you have it running, you can start exploring the code a bit. A
good place to start is the article module located at
`node_modules/lens-article`. For instance here's the implementation of
our video node type that I created earlier today:


It's pretty straight forward, we have:

- video.js (just defines the type and has some property getters for
convenience access, Backbone would call this "the model". )
- video_view.js (has a render function which populates the DOM using
this.el, think Backbone.View)
- video.css (basic css for the video nodetype, can be overriden
globally for customization)

Ivan, once you have adjusted the converter, can you just dump a static
version of 00311 in the data folder as data/elife_00311.json and push
it to Github? I'll test it against the current build and let you know
what's missing. Also please use the new 0.2.x branch for the converter

Rebecca, you can also start adjusting your converter and make it
conform to the new spec. The lorem ipsum.json can always be used as an
up-to-date reference. See here:
Same game for you: Please drop a new static lb_xyz.json file in the
data folder of Lens once you have something that 'could' work :). I
gave you commit access to the Lens repos already. Please catch me on
GTalk or via email if you need any assistance. I don't know what your
local setup is.. so if something breaks it's probably not your fault.
Let me know.

Well.. just give it a try, and raise your hands if you have it
working. :) Or if you get stuck, call me!

It was great meeting you guys. I'm really excited for this collaboration!

-- Michael

PS: Ian, I'll make a post on the mailing list once things are little
bit more solid.
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