Electro Magnetic Radiation causing harm to health

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May 8, 2008, 11:47:15 PM5/8/08
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Here is another story of someone being severely harmed by wireless emissions and compact fluorescent bulbs.




To: Roger Hillier, Petitions Manager                                 

Office of the Auditor General of Canada 

For the past 3 winters I have suffered from a very aggressive skin rash on my hands with symptoms of edema, redness, itch, pain, heat sensation, papules and pustules. The first winter the rash appeared after the installation of wireless computer technology. My children moved out with all their wireless and electromagnetic devices and the rash disappeared. During the second winter I started installing compact fluorescent (CFLs) light bulbs including two 2 large full spectrum bulbs in my kitchen for task lightning. The rash came back with a 5cm area on the palm of one thumb, more like an open wound. I left my home for 2 months in January and February to live and work in another province and the rash cleared up. My doctor really didn’t know what was causing the symptoms and diagnosed the rash as eczema.

This past winter I had installed 12 CFLs in my home. The rash is back with a vengeance. The right hand on the back extending into the fingers looks like radiation burns. There is quite a bit of swelling, very red, weeping pustules and the hands are extremely itchy. The left hand thumb on the palm side including the base of the thumb into the palm and extending around to the front of the thumb is an open wound. I am wearing white cotton gloves at night with creams recommended by the pharmacist. I have surges of anxiety with the itchiness. My hands are a mess. I’m also now experiencing blurry vision, dizziness and nausea. I’m exhausted. I have become a very sick person.

Good Fortune. I have attended a presentation on electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and their biological effects recognized by the World Health Organization as EHS – ElectroHyperSensitivity. I am advised that the CFLs in my home could be causing "dirty electricity" and causing the "mess" on my hands. All CLFs are removed from my home and my hands start healing immediately. Blurry vision, nausea and dizziness cease. My doctor, dentist and optometrist have all been advised. I now avoid going into a person’s home or frequenting businesses or stores that have CFLs or wireless technologies.

I have shortened this story connecting the episodes and I can prove my case. Several people have witnessed my condition. On April 7th, 2008 Health Canada admitted there might be problems with CFLs and skin sensitivities. I very much expect that EMF contamination will exacerbate many other health issues having adverse effects. I’m concerned about our children being exposed to electromagnetic pollution. This is a very serious health issue. I will continue to tell my story, educate myself and inform my family, friends, and colleagues on this matter.

Your immediate attention to this emerging health crisis is imperative. I look forward to Health Canada’s recognition and support for persons with (EHS) ElectroHyperSensitivity.

Charlene Creelman

Peterborough, ON

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