Top 5 symptoms of EHS/ES

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Mar 15, 2008, 12:20:17 PM3/15/08
to Victims of Electromagnetic Radiation around the World
Posted by: GILLARROW
Fri Mar 14, 2008 3:19 pm (PDT)

In Kensworth, England victims suffered:-

Insomnia; headaches; nausea and vertigo; earache and tinnitus;
ulcerated mouths and throats with extreme thirst (one lady used 7
tubes of Bonjela, a clear gel for the treatment of ulcers. to try and
get rid of them); sore, itching bloodshot eyes and nosebleeds! I feel
very giddy and sick in the houses by the mast and cannot stay ther
longer than1/4 of an hour.

One man had a stroke when the mast was activated in Sept 2001 and a
worse one when it was reactivated after being off for teh whole of
April 2002 ( his aunt didn't find him for three days - he had been
lying on the floor by his bed since having the second stroke) and is
now disabled.

They've been ill for six years now! I couldn't bear to live ther. Some
of them have lived here either all their lives and their parents and
grandparents before them, or at least all their married lives. The
ages of those affected range form 4 and a half to 85 years. Pets
suffered symptoms too. a dog and a cat becasme restless and whined or
meowed a lot. They both vomited frequenstly, bvrcame very tired ( the
cat stopped going out hunting). The dog got small tumours on its paws
and neck and died afetr a year. he got better brifly (for a couple of
hours!)when taken to the vet a month after the mast was activated, but
did not respond to treatment and his symoptoms staarted again as soon
as he got home. The cat got a tumour in its throat, and died 2 years
after it was removed.


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