Back in late 1999, there was a Japanese related nuclear cartoon which in advertantly introduced IERV's arrival to readers of The Irish Times

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Mar 18, 2011, 12:12:32 PM3/18/11
As we EHS sufferers watch helpless and anguished as countless numbers of Japanese victims are exposed to health compromising levels of radiation many of us may be thinking that now is the time we just have to interact with the media about what it is like living daily and longterm with  bio-effects from radiative sources, whether these are from ionizing or non-ionizing sources.
As we know,  the media, for the most part, up to now have regarded the whole business of adverse bio-effects from radiative sources with unnerving nonchalance if not denial.  But  this attitude, in the light of what has been unfolding  in Japan during the last week, appears to be quickly changing and  to echo a W.B. Yeats line, in its stead:  a terrible fear is born.
The letter published  in The Irish Times goes back to October 1999 and that cartoon appeared on the front page of the same paper on the very date our newly formed IERVN (Irish Electromagnetic Radiation Victims Network) held its first national meeting.   Indeed the nature of the cartoon points up exactly how unconcerned prevailing attitudes were to the very idea of health-endangerment from such a radiative source!
Imelda O'Connor, Carrigaline,  Co. Cork

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