I have microwave illness

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Apr 24, 2008, 11:15:58 AM4/24/08
to Victims of Electromagnetic Radiation around the World - Geschädigte durch elektromagnetische Strahlung weltweit
The last three years I have had chronic sinus infections/throat
infections. I have felt extremely dizzy and tired. I thought it was
depression. Then my husband moved the wireless router upstairs so our
neighbor could use his laptop and I started to get a terrible skin
reaction; it was extremely dry and itchy and it kept cracking and
bleeding and water blisters would appear and when they broke they were
very painful.

I went to the doctor about it for over a year and they just kept
giving me a different type of steroid cream to put on it and nasonex
for my sinuses. They would look at me funny when I told them about how
dizzy I was feeling. They said my blood work was normal and nothing
was wrong with me.

Then we heard of another woman on the radio who was allergic to
wireless; so we did some research and shut off our wireless router and
the skin problems on my hands cleared up within a week. I was able to
do dishes and cut vegetables and fruit without wearing gloves again!

Then my husband decided one night when I had gone to bed to turn on
the router again because he wanted to use his laptop upstairs and he
forgot to turn it off. The next morning when I woke up my hands were
flaming red and in pain again with lots of water blisters.

I now try to stay away from wireless but it is everywhere -- even the
church and the arena has it. I can't go anywhere without having a
breakout the next day. I feel dizzy and feel like throwing up when I'm
around it.

I don't know what to do! I haven't yet told my doctor about what is
wrong with me because I suspect they will most likely think it is all
in my head; and frankly there is probably nothing they can really do
for me anyway.

I have to stay in my home if I am to feel normal. How am I suppose to
live in the world we have today with this? I'll never be able to get a
job outside of my home. Is there anything that can help us?

Also, I just had a miscarriage in December. I'm wondering if the
wireless might have caused that also -- seeing how badly my skin and
body reacted to it.

Informant: Paul Raymond Doyon
Yunnan Normal University (China) Lecturer - English and Japanese MAT
(TESOL), School for International Training MA Advanced Japanese
Studies, University of Sheffield BA Psychology, University of

"A 'Good Student' answers questions - but does not question answers."

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