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Leon Close

Jul 26, 2021, 2:54:55 AMJul 26
to electrodacus

Just writing to thank Dacian and the forum, since my system is tentatively up and running.

I managed to keep all of the smoke inside the SBMS0, despite being the type of person who tends to make simple mistakes. I have installed half of my panels so far. My wiring is a total mess, but I'll improve it. No loads have been connected, other than verifying that the inverter turns on.


Two cloudy winter days have delivered a bit over 7 kWh, and my battery is still at 3.35V/cell. I hope to top the battery up tomorrow. I have not done a parallel top balance or capacity test yet. I was glad to be able to connect the SBMS0 to my wifi, despite a pretty weak signal in the shed.


I have found both the official manual and Oberon Robinson's beginner's guide to be invaluable. Anyway, lots more work to do and probably questions to ask, but thanks for the slick products and first-class support.

Dacian Todea

Jul 26, 2021, 2:15:36 PMJul 26
to electrodacus
Thanks Leon for the post.
Is not the best solution to have the pack split in two in that way with one pack above the other as connection between cells 4 and 5 will be fairly long and may create a bit of a problem at high discharge rate usually. Those longer wires act as instructors. At least try to keep those as short as possible they may look longer than necessary in the photo but is hard to say what it is there.
Those shunts are super small almost did not noticed them at first look.
Your wiring is well above average compared to what I normally see and totally adequate. 

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