SunStyle Solar Roof tiles

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guus angeneind

Jun 7, 2021, 6:27:41 AM (5 days ago) Jun 7
to electrodacus
Hello Dacian,

Can I use these Solar roof tiles with the DMPPT450 or the equivalent and scalable solution  with a SBMS0 and DSSR20 with diversity?

They are not 60 or 72 cell but 24 cell panels. The Voltage Umpp is 12,7 volt. 3 Solar roof tiles in serie will give 38,1 Volt.




Dacian Todea

Jun 7, 2021, 1:44:07 PM (5 days ago) Jun 7
to electrodacus
Hi Guus,

DMPPT450 is no longer available and that will not have worked anyway as it requires 60 cell panels.
The SBMS0 and DSSR20 or new DSSR50 will work but you will need groups of 3 tiles in series to get an equivalent 72 cell panel and you can parallel two of those 3 series panels for DSSR20 or for one of the two inputs of DSSR50
Will this be used just for heating ? or both battery charging and heating?  If you also want battery charging then there is a bit less efficient when charging the battery as the extra 12 cells will not help with anything but other than 20% lower battery charging efficiency it will work.
3 of those tiles will be equivalent with a 324W 72 cell panel in terms of output so they do not use the latest cells or maybe they have some loss due to colored glass to hide the cells.
I'm guessing you prefer this for the aspect as they will be more expensive than having a traditional roof (maybe steel roof) and classic solar panels.
There are also those panels around the perimeter that have lower number of cells 10,13 and 14 as each cell is 4.5W. You will need to find combinations to get to 72 cells or at least very close to that if you want to use those.
And each set of those 6 panels will have a pair of cables 6mm2 (10AWG) so there will be quite a bit of cabling needed.
Will the house/building be fully offgrid ?

guus angeneind

Jun 7, 2021, 4:03:23 PM (5 days ago) Jun 7
to electrodacus
Hello Dacian,

I will build a off grid house in the South of France. It will be build following the Passivhause standard. I will store heat in 2 big water tanks of each 1000 liter and electricity in a home battery. 3 times per year it happens that there is for 5 days non-stop less then 20% of sun. For this period I want to lower my electricity consumption and use heat from the water boiler and the home battery to survive. 

I'm writing a complete document for my project. Now I'm doing research and will ask some question to You. I have already a document from 3 years ago. But that house was never build. It took me 5 years to get my building permit. When I finnaly got it, I did not want to build it anymore. I have an DMPPT450 and a SBMS40. I will use this in another -much smaller project- with 60 cell panels.

Maybee for this house It's better to use a Victron MPPT controller. I start reading all the documentation of Victron now.

Thanks for Your super support!!!!


Op maandag 7 juni 2021 om 19:44:07 UTC+2 schreef

Dacian Todea

Jun 7, 2021, 5:51:17 PM (5 days ago) Jun 7
to electrodacus

It should be fairly easy to build a net zero offgrid energy house in the south of France as winters there are fairly mild. Is that normal that a build permit there take so long to get ? It took me just about a week to get the building permit here after I applied.
There will be very few reasons to use Victron MPPT's other than to get back that 20% efficiency for using 72 cell cells instead of 60 for battery charging but likely most of your energy will go directly to heating and thermal storage and not to the Lithium battery.
2000 liters of water used in the +25C to +80C range  55C delta can store 2000 * 55 * 1.16 = 127.6kWh but the house depending on how it is build (if there is reinforced concrete and bricks) withoutside thermal insulation then they may be able to store even more than those 2000 liters of water.
Winter is when you will need most of the energy and not sure how good of an idea is to have the panels on the roof depending on roof orientation and type.
Say if I take Lyon as that will be the worse case for south of France 
Looking at PV watts the solar production in winter is terrible so you will not benefit much from thermal storage and what you will want is to have a large enough PV array and only overnight thermal storage (that can easily be just the building envelope depending on type of materials used). Apparently a 10kW PV array there will produce just 250 to 330kWh/month in the 3 winter months and average temperature for January is +3.2C
The 250 to 330kWh if for roof with south orientation and just 20 degree tilt. Having panels flat mounted on a vertical south wall will provide you about the same amount in those winter months.
But if say is somewhere around Montpellier then you get double around 600kWh in the winter months from same 10kW PV array either roof mounted or flat on the south facing wall.
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