Old Guy Solar Newbie Requesting Diagram Review and Feedback

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Greg H

Jul 15, 2021, 7:03:46 PMJul 15
to electrodacus

Hello Everyone,

I’m a solar newbie and old jack of all trades and master of none guy working a project of adding solar to a retired ambulance I’m converting into an RV.

I was late to the Electrodacus party having purchased most of the equipment before I came upon what is a great electronic BMS and information providing product.

I’ve been reading the forum for a month or so with time off at times to give my head time to quit spinning. 

I put together a setup/wiring diagram and if anyone wants to take the time to give it a review I would greatly appreciate any advice and suggestions.

Thanks, Greg
Gregs Solar Diagram (1).jpeg

Dacian Todea

Jul 15, 2021, 7:34:40 PMJul 15
to electrodacus

The diagram seems mostly good.  What you will want is to connect the Loads in between the two shunts and PV solar connected to the PV shunt PVp side.
Also the Victron MPPT seems to be a 60A model and that will normally have a remote ON/OFF control but if not then you will need this sort of cable to be able to control that with the SBMS0 https://www.victronenergy.com/accessories/ve-direct-non-inverting-remote-on-off-cable
The DC/DC charger will also be connected to PVp side of the shunt.
The BMV-712 seems a bit redundant as all that will be able to do can be done by the SBMS0 and better.

Greg H

Jul 16, 2021, 5:34:31 PMJul 16
to electrodacus

Hello Dacian,

I appreciate your rapid responses.

Your replies:

My Responses:

#1, I’m a little slow sometimes and therefore I’m  not 100% positive that I  understood exactly what the change should be,  but I made a change to the drawing of what I think you and the “Beginners” document mean.  If correct, the wire to “loads” is no longer connected through the Lynx with the 100A mega fuse, or a Class-T fuse as the “Beginners” guide suggests, but the wire is connected to an 80A breaker. Is this appropriate/sufficient?

#2. Yes my MPPT is the 150/60A model and it has the external Remote H & L connections. Good catch, I missed adding those wire connections. I hope I have their wiring connection documented correctly to those H & L connectors now.

#3. I didn’t realize the DC/DC 24/12 70A converter/charger required a wire from the PVp connection. Makes sense the converter/charger would need to be shut off in the event of a low battery situation. It appears the wire will connect to the green connector. There are two screw connectors on the green connector.  Based on the “Beginners” document I assume 9EXTIO+ and 9EXTIO5- would connect to the green terminal. Would you be able to explain to where the wire from PVp should  connect?

#4. Had I come across your SBMS0 system earlier I would not have purchased the BMV-712, and now because I’ve had it for several months my window of time to return it has most likely expired. Since I have it,  I thought I might as well install it too. If the change in #1 above is correct, it is possible  it could infringe on the Lynx area where the BMV-712 shunt would be, so I might not have the necessary space to install it.

Because of space limitations, I had to break up the 2P8S battery into two 8 cell groups.

I also completed the ribbon cable wire diagram with this new version 2 document.

I really appreciate your great guidance and assistance you provide.

Thanks, Greg

Gregs Solar Diagram (ver 2).jpeg

Dacian Todea

Jul 16, 2021, 5:50:23 PMJul 16
to electrodacus
1. yes it seems correct now.
2. yes that is correct now.
3. I was thinking that was a charger but it seems is just a DC/DC converter for your 12V loads and in that case it is connected correctly.

You mean 4s2p as shown in drawing if so then that is no problem.
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