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J.W van de Poll

Jul 17, 2021, 5:21:32 PMJul 17
to electrodacus
Hi All

Haven't received my gear yet, but attached is the final circuit for our Caravan with 800 Watt Renogy panels, 200 AH Winston and a 10 amp Jayco shore power charger.

Some questions I have:
Is the Xantrex indicator wired in parallel with the SBMS0 shunt wires ok.?
It is going to leave a large hole if I have to get rid of it.
Will the back light on the SBMS0 make the LCD completely dark ? (it is pointing at the bed)
At this point I am planning to locate the SBMS0 behind a door.

All the notation on the circuit is aimed at selling the van in the future and providing enough info for the buyer. (and perhaps me when I get senile)
The manual Inverter switch & SSR are to prevent the Jayco charger getting Inverter power.


Dacian Todea

Jul 18, 2021, 12:21:44 PMJul 18
to electrodacus
Not sure what Xantrex indicator you refer  to. Probably some LCD with ON/OFF button panel and yes that could still stay there is just that ON/OFF button will remain in the OFF position and the SBMS will be the one to turn the inverter ON.
The back-light will not be completely off but you can set very low level 1 and that should be so dim that it should not be a problem.
For DC loads you will need something like a Victron BP65 that is controlled by the SBMS0.

J.W van de Poll

Jul 19, 2021, 6:32:47 AMJul 19
to electrodacus
Hi Dacian
The Xantrex is a LinkLite which basically only monitors the current in/out and displays percentage of charge.
Doesn't compare to the SBMS0 but in the position that it is in, it allows a quick glance without getting to technical.

     there is just that ON/OFF button will remain in the OFF position and the SBMS0 will be the one to turn the inverter ON.

The inverter is only turned ON when there is a need for 240vac, such as the Microwave Coffee maker etc.
So most of the day it is off. We turn the manual switch to ON if we want it ON, so if the SBMS0 turns it ON, then nothing will happen until
the switch is set to ON and then the signal from the SBMS0 will get through to the remote control of the Inverter.

I haven't read most of the manual yet, but unless there is a convenient touch button to turn ON the Inverter, I would leave the inverter enabled
by the SBMS0 until an alarm condition forces it OFF.

You made me aware that I didn't have a Load control relay in the circuit. Currently I have a 100A SSR controlled by a Junsi that monitors cell voltages only.
Maximum load is no more than 15A.
So I will wire that to one of the EXTIO so that the SBMS0 can switch OFF all loads should the need arise.


Dacian Todea

Jul 19, 2021, 1:43:58 PMJul 19
to electrodacus
That is the same way I use my inverter as it is only used maybe 2h per day in average mostly for cooking.
The EXT IO3 remote ON/OFF is in series with a simple switch that is in the kitchen so I can turn the inverter ON conveniently from there. Since this witch is in series with SBMS0 both the SBMS0 needs to allow discharge and this switch needs to be close circuit.
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