sbms0 v3 wifi module

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Craig Mckenzie

Jun 8, 2021, 1:04:24 PM (4 days ago) Jun 8
to electrodacus
anyone having problems with the wifi module enabled client mode stalling on the legacy page.
i have no problems resetting the wifi module by going into wifi set up and turning wifi to 0 and saving the device setting and then going back in and turn th wifi back on by setting to 1 and saving the setting.
then i can go to my iPhone and make sure my router is on 2.4 . when i open the web page wvweything comes up as expected. Home page is working, Settings page works as expected, legacy page works as expected. But if i move to the Home page it's a little slow to load but works as expected. Now when i move back to the Legacy page it does not load.i just get a red back ground colour.
i have reset the wifi twice now and even does the same thing on the macbook pro.
any ideas why the legacy page stalls.
thanks Craig

Dacian Todea

Jun 8, 2021, 2:19:34 PM (4 days ago) Jun 8
to electrodacus

You do not need to use the save device settings to reset the WiFi module. All you need to do is set to 0 then confirm by pushing OK button then select again and set to 1 this will just reset the WiFi module.
There were reports of Legacy mode not working in some conditions. It seems you can reproduce that problem fairly consistent so maybe is related with the type of routers that can handle both 5Ghz and 2.4GHz .  I think Robert is aware of the problem.

Soggy Paws

Jun 11, 2021, 9:07:50 PM (yesterday) Jun 11
to electrodacus
Ha, I thought I had a major failure in my wifi module today (oh no!).  But what happened was that we are in a poor coverage area, and I had temporarily switched my laptop to a different router (different cell system with better coverage) to do something.  I did switch it back to the router the Electrodacus is connected to, but when that one's internet connection burped in the middle of the night, my laptop automatically switched back to the other router, without asking.  I knew something was up because neither the legacy page nor the MQTT signal was working.

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