N.Dakota vote suppression outrage

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Warren D Smith

Nov 6, 2018, 7:38:44 PM11/6/18
to electionscience

Republicans in charge of N.Dakota
noticed the only areas of the state that liked Democrats especially,
were Indian reservations. So then they made a law that to vote,
you needed a photo ID listing your street address.

Oh golly gee. It turns out that most or all people living on
the reservations have no street address, because they have no named-streets
there; they all get their mail at a PO box. Guess it is such a bummer
for them that their IDs all automatically are invalid because any ID listing
a PO box instead of a street address means by law, you cannot vote.

When the Indian tribes protested, they were told to go to hell.
When they sued, the courts said "sorry, but your suit is too late and
we cannot rule in your favor because if we did, in view of the insane rush
our ruling would cause, it'd just cause more problems than it'd solve."
The Tribes then tried creating a network of all-new "street names" at the last
minute and printing out new ID cards for all residents, but found
it impossible to produce & distribute ID cards at that-great
a rate with the machines they had.

As, of course, was intended.

The article I cited seems to think or hope the Indians are going to be
so incredibly pissed
off by this blatant act of massive discrimination, that
they will vote in such high turnout that even with the very few IDs that have,
they might still get a lot of votes. However already some of their
brand new IDs have been rejected for e.g. saying "Avenue" instead of "Street."

Dream on.

Warren D. Smith
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