Any election reformers in Kansas?

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Warren D Smith

Nov 1, 2018, 11:48:05 AM11/1/18
There also is a 3-way Kansas governor race
Kris Kobach (R)
Greg Orman (Indep)
Laura Kelly (D)

in which it is highly likely that the two anti-Kobach candidates will
split the vote & both lose.

Kobach, currently KS secy of state, is counting his own votes
in this election in usual ultra-corrupt system. Previously there was a 30way
KS senator race, also counted by Kobach, also involving Orman
as an indept candidate (vs Chad Taylor D & Pat Roberts R). IN that race
a spoiler scenario also looked likely, and Taylor, who was 3rd in the polls,
decided to DROP OUT of the race leaving a 2-way unspoilable
Orman vs Roberts battle.
Kobach then stepped in and REFUSED TO PERMIT Taylor to drop out
and insisted his name would remain on the ballots!!

That was incredible and the courts overruled Kobach.

Furthermore, Kobach right now is being sued by the ACLU over some of
his ultra-corrupt-appearing machinations to bias the vote for his own election.
The suit will probably effectively lose even if it wins, due to lateness.
It concerns Dodge City in SW Kansas, pop 27340,
land area 14.5 sq miles, which is 58% hispanic/latino
and therefore might be expected to vote differently
and (in view of Trump's & Kobach's anti-Latino policies & rhetoric)
perhaps less Republican, than most of (largely white) Kansas.
Dodge City has historically had only a single
voting location, the civic center in the middle of town.
This already was highly unusual in the sense that
this was about 13X larger registered voter population (13000)
served by 1 place, than average. As a result, Dodge City
voters generally suffered long lines and wait times far exceeding
the Kansas average.

But for this election, they decided that was not bad enough.
They moved that single voting location
-- to a location literally about a mile outside the
town boundary and also over a mile from nearest bus stop
-- where it is difficult for anybody to walk
there since no sidewalk leads there & you have to cross busy highways,
and it would be a long walk. Plus, the town then sent voters a
registered letter
informing them of the change, which provided them with the
WRONG address for the new site!

The excuse for the move was "construction" at the civic center. Oddly enough
the civic center has no visible construction, is open for events with
several scheduled, and has no visible obstruction at all to either parking or
voter entry & egress. It appears to the eye to be perfectly normal.

Dodge City refused to employ, say, schools as voting locations, which
would have seemed the usual course since they are inside and owned
by the city, and voters can easily go to their local school.

The Dodge City clerk's office then forwarded written complaints from the ACLU
to Kobach's office with the single-line comment "LOL!"
This was somewhat odd since Kobach now claims to have nothing
whatever to do with Dodge City's decisions, which he claims were purely local
and entirely uninfluenced by him. That in turn also was odd since
press enquiries
to Dodge City were met by the response they should not be asking
Dodge City, but rather should be asking Kobach's office, their
questions on this.

So, I think this is probably the tip of the iceberg of corruption in Kansas.
But even if it all is entirely an innocent coincidence,
it still stinks to high heaven and
all that stink could easily be avoided by changing the inherently
biased and corrupt stinking system.

And of course, none of the media coverage I saw mentioned the idea of better
voting systems at all, not even for one word.

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Nov 1, 2018, 5:04:02 PM11/1/18
to The Center for Election Science
Now I think I understand where "get out of Dodge City" comes from...

I do not know how to respond...

Can the election be annulled by a court or something? I mean, at least this is for governor, not Senate... but still... the American public needs to rise up and realize that our ideals of "democracy" and "equality" are next to nonexistent.

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