LMS returning no data/erasing data after completed course

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Peter Erdmann

Oct 18, 2018, 11:00:24 AM10/18/18
to eLearning Technology and Development
We've developed a SCO for v.2004 LMS and have used the Pipwerks SCORM API wrapper. 

Init, commits and everything works excellent during the first run of the course. Upon completion, the "completed" flag i set correctly.

The problem starts after the course is completed. When the user starts the course again, after completing it, the LMS returns a 403, and any loading of previous user progress is unsuccessful. Is this a LMS setting I've overlooked or is it something about the wrapper that I'm missing? Or does it have anything to do with the v.2004? Please advice how to move forward.

All testing has been done in Scorm Cloud, with different versions. We also did a 1.2 version of the course, which didn't have this behaviour at all, but behavied perfectly like expected. All user prgress data was there even after completion.

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Philip Hutchison

Oct 18, 2018, 12:52:50 PM10/18/18
to elearning-technolo...@googlegroups.com
If you’d like the learner to be able to review the course after completing it, be sure to set cmi.exit to ‘resume’. Otherwise, by spec, the LMS is supposed to treat the subsequent launch as a new attempt. 

Not sure why SCORM Cloud would throw a 403 though. 

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Peter Erdmann

Oct 18, 2018, 1:20:05 PM10/18/18
to eLearning Technology and Development
Indeed you’re right. Thank you!

I think I can shed some light on the 403. Since we didn’t do a proper cmi.exit, the data was erased upon finishing the course. Then no data would be there upon user returning to the course, hence the 403.
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