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Philip Hutchison

May 14, 2022, 7:02:39 PMMay 14
Hi Sam

That's a really interesting use case. Unfortunately I don't work with Articulate products and wouldn't know where to start. Not sure if anyone else in the group can provide some clues. (The group has been pretty quiet the last few years... assuming most folks are on Facebook or Discord nowadays.)

Aside from checking the Articulate forums, you may also want to ping Rustici Software, as they provide the xAPI engine for Articulate products, and may be able to provide some insight. They're usually pretty friendly and eager to help.

Good luck
- philip

On Fri, May 13, 2022 at 6:05 AM <> wrote:

We use an LRS-enabled LMS. We've uploaded xAPI courses from Storyline but it publishes a lot of statements we don't need. Storyline now lets us make custom statements but it publishes those in addition to the canned statements. Is it possible to only publish the custom statements without manually entering the endpoint credentials? Can we tap into what Storyline uses to connect to the LMS/LRS?


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Tom McCrystal

May 16, 2022, 1:17:51 PMMay 16
to eLearning Technology and Development
Hi, Sam and Phillip!

So, Phillip's suggestion to contact Rustici is a really good one. Privately, they will tell you to contact them first (before contacting the LMS provider), so they can solve problems without a middleman.

(As an aside, if you're in the Nashville area, give them a call and set up an on-site. They're a fantastic group of people; want to hear from not only their customers but also their end users, and listen carefully to what people say about the products that they provide code for. And most importantly, they're willing to, as we say down South, "talk friendly" about the state of the SCORM/Tincan world. Plus, they're delightful peeps.)

That said, it is completely possible to do what you need, albeit requiring a little bit of new code. What needs to happen is modification of either Articulate's crap code or Phillip's excellent code by writing a filter at the module/SCORM API interface. Essentially, you look at every call to the LMS/LRS, then discard anything that you don't want to sent to the server. It's not all that hard if you're at all familiar with PHP; when I had an issue with writing to the SumTotal LMS, I did exactly the same thing except I was tracing the LMS traffic rather than filtering it.

Hope this helps,


Tom McCrystal
Chief Technology Officer
Creative Perspectives, Inc.
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