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Welcome to the eLearning Technology and Development Google Group.

As the title implies, this group (mailing list) is dedicated to e-learning development topics and the latest e-learning technologies.  Feel free to post any question you might have about e-learning development or technology, and please take a moment to answer other people's questions if you know the answer(s).

A word of warning: unsolicited posts about commercial e-learning products are viewed as spam and could get you banned from the list. If you represent a product vendor, tread lightly. Only post about your product if it is related to the topic, and even then please do not post canned sales pitches. We get enough of that stuff already.  Posts about open-source e-learning tools and MIT-style-license code techniques are always welcome.  Posts about industry news are acceptable if they are short and to-the-point.

This group will actively promote best practices and open standards whenever possible.

Thanks, and good luck!
- philip

Philip Hutchison, moderator