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Leslie Clark

Sep 21, 2009, 12:30:06 PM9/21/09
to Paul Clark, Mission List
Hello Everyone!!!  It is that time of year again for me to start getting Elder Clark's CHRISTMAS packages ready to mail out the end of October(i know, crazy huh?!)  Anyway, this year I will be making a large flat Christmas tree that I hope to attach many, many holiday wishes to Elder Clark......THIS IS WHERE YOU ALL COME IN
Please send me either by e-mail or regular mail your holiday letters and wishes and I will then put them in RED envelopes and attach to the tree, He will open one letter a day, not knowing before he opens it who it is from!!  He will love doing this so I would love it if you could participate!!
4216 East Broken Rock Loop
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
Leslie Clark 
Elder Chris Clark Joao Pessoa - 8/10

From: Christopher Clark
Subject: photos and voice
To: lclar...@gmail.com
Date: Monday, September 21, 2009, 7:11 AM

family, friends,

hey everybody, one more week down, and everything is going great, we stiill have a lot of food from going to the store this last week, and we baptised 3 yesterday, im pretty excited for this week because we had a lot of people in the meeting this sunday, so we have many many future baptism!! well today we will be going to the church and playing a little bit of basketball,,, we cant really play a game because its against the rules, but we can play stuff like speed and around the world (which i am always the champaion), its just like against sceince that a brazilian shoots better than an american (no offense), well love you all and hope you enjoy the photos and such, WRITE ME SOME LETTERS AND STUFF, and after this mail strike ill be sure to write you back.

... you know your getting old on the mission when you stop getting letters... so thanks for the feeling but its better to hear from you all ;)

love you,
elder clark

photos e voice.zip
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