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Neill Lima

Feb 8, 2017, 4:09:22 PM2/8/17
to Ekstazi
Hello group,

Thanks for accepting my request. 

I was able to use Ekstazi properly with the surefire plugin, and the results are very promising so far. But as in our platform, the Integration Tests play a big role (and also a big chunk of time on a daily basis) so I would like to ask if it makes sense or there are future plans to make Ekstazi work with the failsafe plugin as well. From the outside, I believe the two plugins should not work very differently.

I guess that would be a benefit for those who still work in a monolithic-like design consisted of multiple modules and projects. (Naturally, the course of action would be to eliminate this monolith, but we all know that takes some time to happen :) )



Milos Gligoric

Feb 12, 2017, 9:48:24 PM2/12/17
to Ekstazi
Hi Neill,

Thank you for your interest in Ekstazi. You are absolutely
correct that surefire and failsafe are similar (from Ekstazi's
perspective). We have released (today) a new version of
Ekstazi (4.6.3) on Maven Central that should support failsafe.
You may want to try it out.  Note however that coverage is
not collected for code that is executed in the pre-integration-test
phase; something that we could improve in the future.


Neill Lima

Feb 13, 2017, 7:16:44 AM2/13/17
to Ekstazi
Hello Milos,

Thanks for the quick update, it was faster than expected! :) 

I will check it over this week and the next one and will get back to you with results. Awesome work!


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