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Apr 9, 2024, 4:10:43 PMApr 9
to eiffelstudio-dev
Hi all,

After a few years of absence I (again) started using Eiffel and EiffelStudio. As I was going through the EiffelStudio tutorials (https://www.eiffel.org/doc/eiffelstudio/EiffelStudio_tutorials, for the x-th time, btw) and doing some basic things I noticed some issues. Most of them are UI-related bugs and inconsistencies, but not all.

So I decided to take a deeper look into the EiffelStudio sources at Github and started to work on these issues by myself. I created a few pull requests for the Github repository and also created support reports for issues which I could not (yet) fix on my own etc.

Now I am at a point with one issue in particular where I know what's going wrong but I'm not sure about the best (or preferred) way of fixing it. I could simply create another support report and hope that Eiffel Software takes care. Or I could fix it on my own and contribute some fix again as a pull request. But I would like to get feedback on the issue and how to possibly fix it. And this discussion should probably not be part of a pull request.

This is a general question, so I would like to get some feedback on what is the "preferred" way to handle this.

I assume it's not creating support reports to get such feedback.

Using GitHub (how it's meant to be used) I would create issues but it seems that Eiffel Software prefers their support system instead of GitHub issues.

I could simply continue to create pull requests for such issues and hope for feedback in case it would be rejected.

Or I could bring this group back to life and start posting here about my findings. At least I think it's better suited than the Eiffel Users group.

So what is the preferred way to discuss bugs and possible solutions for EiffelStudio?


Jocelyn Fiat

Apr 10, 2024, 3:01:14 AMApr 10
to eiffelstudio-dev
Hi Thomas,

Pull request is fine, and also posting to this group.

It hasn't been very active, but it does not mean it is not read.

Maybe this group is the best place to talk about Eiffel Studio development.
As the other group/forum/channel ... may be more suited for Eiffel (Studio) usage.
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