New EiffelStudio 13.11 Release

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Emmanuel Stapf

Dec 7, 2013, 12:46:13 AM12/7/13

On behalf of the Eiffel Software team, I'm pleased to announce the new release of
EiffelStudio 13.11, now available for download at

The first visible change is the version number. From now on, we will use as major
revision the last 2 digits of the current year (13 for 2013), and as minor
revision the month of the release (11 for November). Next release will therefore
be 14.05 as it is scheduled for May 2014.

In addition, here are some highlights of this release:
* New Eiffel language features: conditional expression and
syntactical simplification of agent calls using the new
parenthesis alias

* Improved and more efficient SCOOP engine

* Improved Eiffel Information System with display of various kinds
of links

* New libraries ZeroMQ and ABEL (a new object persistent layer)

* Updated Eiffel Web Framework

* Various bug fixes and improvements.

Find out more about the 13.11 release at:

Happy Eiffeling,
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