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Emmanuel Stapf

Jun 22, 2015, 2:19:59 AM6/22/15
> Could you give me a little hint as to where/how to "simply allocate a 64-bit
> natural at the end of each object" and how to set/access it from code and how to
> do the "little tweak for TUPLEs and SPECIALs"? I assume this would require
> changing one of the C-files in the "C/runtime" directory? Which one(s)?

One could edit the routine `emalloc_size' in `malloc.c' to add `sizeof(EIF_NATURAL_64)' to
the size argument so that memory is allocated. Then you should lookup all references to
EIF_Size in the runtime to ensure they also add that memory. One could possible update the
definition of EIF_Size but one has to be careful this is not used for SPECIAL/TUPLEs and

> Then there's the question about how to recompile & link the runtime and
> integrate with the compiler.

Once you have a new runtime, copy all the library files to the EiffelStudio delivery
replacing the standard one.


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